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Serpent Cube

Welcome to the place for wooden puzzle solutions. SiamMandalay provides a variety of product and progressive technology solutions for businesses around the globe. Following in that philosophy, we want to be sure you have those same answers for our popular puzzles, now! click the picture to unlock the puzzle of your choice.

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WG-485 Giant Wood Puzzles

puzzle me this...

As a gift or to sell in your own retail space, giant puzzles handcrafted in sustainable wood are an impressive and eco-friendly solution. Challenging for kids all ages, and a great idea for those baby-boomers building their brainpower, these super-sized mechanical puzzles have been popular for hundreds of years! Get the highest quality and the best value direct from the place where they are made when buying from SiamMandalay. For questions to purchase one or 100, email: Thanks! And Happy Puzzling.

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